FORT COLLINS, Colo., Dec. 18, 2019Synergetics Incorporated announced that OpenFLIS™, its cloud-based platform for federal agencies, has achieved the FedRAMP Ready designation and is now listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace. (The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, FedRAMP, is a Government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security.)

OpenFLIS™ offers innovative, logistics services to the federal government. Currently, legacy users of OpenFLIS’™ predecessor IMD receive updates on containerized media. While this continues to be critical for users that lack internet connectivity, our growing, connected user base requires real-time and modern access. OpenFLIS™ can help federal agencies save cost, strengthen security, improve user experience, and harness data analytics. Achieving the FedRAMP Ready designation is both a significant milestone for the company and can facilitate the Federal Government’s modernization objectives.

About OpenFLIS™
For 12 years, Synergetics has proudly serviced the Department of Defense. Since then, Synergetics has been working with the federal government to modernize applications and systems to web-scale, cloud-optimized software in support of the US Military’s warfighter programs. OpenFLIS™ consolidates many distinct applications into a single flexible SaaS/PaaS platform, with the following benefits:

  • High availability
  • Speedy disaster recovery
  • Current data via web applications that work on any device with a browser (no installation)
  • Resilient resource scalability for load spikes
  • Fast performance that meets warfighter needs on the battlefield
  • Intelligent monitoring
  • Continuous improvement
  • Reduced development and change/enhancement lifecycles that require releases
  • Easy administration with single sign-on and modern cybersecurity

The primary beneficiaries of OpenFLIS™ will be the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and the US Marine Corps. OpenFLIS’™ rich client counterpart, IMD is used at all US Military bases and installations throughout the world, on warships, submarines, and even in military hospitals.

Finally, OpenFLIS™ can help the DoD CIO achieve their directives to make better use of public cloud offerings, to improve usability of secure technology, and to create efficiencies in Federal Government through the use of commercial offerings.