Partnerships / Teaming


Why team with us? Results. Fast federal contracts. Together, our capacity for innovation, productivity and profit is multiplied. We use our STARS II designation to obtain federal IT contracts for ourselves. And we have a much bigger vision. Our vision is to engage with outstanding companies who offer extraordinary IT products, solutions and services.

You bring your unique brilliance and focus on what you do best: Information Technology. We bring our directed order power, exceptional IT past performance, invaluable GSA relationships and the art of delighting government customers.


How productive could your company be if you only had to do your customer-focused IT work? Synergetics teams connect the best technology talent with government buyers.

We handle everything else. Mitigate risk, speed up the process, and save resources by working with us as your STARS II Industry Partner.

We walk our talk. All of our current Federal business, both prime and partnered, is conducted via our STARS II contract. Synergetics has a history of being the prime contractor and a sub-contractor on many successful government contracts. All U.S. federal agencies can use the STARS II GWAC to award information technology work.