Synergetics delivers strategic information technology solutions that propel the government’s Earth Sciences initiatives for the following federal agencies:

  • Department of Interior / DOI
  • Bureau of Land Management / BLM
  • US Geological Survey / USGS
  • US Department of Agriculture / USDA
  • Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service / APHIS
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service / NRCS

Synergetics solutions are used to detect natural disasters, suggest responses, build accountability by tracking food supply chain information, and educate the world about clean and maintainable existence. Using technology to provide rapid, post-earthquake data, we distribute information compiled by the top scientists in the world in the fields of earthquake visualization, tectonic plate movement and effects, and structural engineering.

The Synergetics contractors currently working for USGS are the team that determines the Richter scale measurement for every recorded earthquake. This high-impact application with global reach has the capability of saving lives. The information is used by governments and emergency response teams throughout the world.


Synergetics develops mission-critical data systems for defense logistics. We synthesize big data for the Defense Logistics Agency and deliver high quality information through various channels — from web services, to responsive web applications, to blue-sky DVD media.

Through the FED LOG project, Synergetics supports U.S. military forces around the world with the latest logistics data available, always on time and within budget. See the client testimonials we have received from the Defense Logistics Agency below.

We deliver information technology services to government clients via the GSA 8(a) STARS II GWAC to ensure fast contract procurement and many benefits to the buying agency — with outstanding results. STARS II reduces contracting and marketing costs for federal agencies, ensuring stellar performance with the stringent contractor approval process.