iNDIXIUMTM is a flexible new technology capable of delivering FED LOG and other data products rapidly on smart phones and other mobile devices.

  • Robust and secure smart phone application that uses confidential/proprietary logistics data
  • Takes logistics functionality to another level
  • Hardened application
  • Secures all data at rest and data in transit
  • Compliant with HSPD12
  • Provides efficiency, value and more timely information to the warfighter


iNDIXIUMTM has robust security.

iNDIXIUMTM has unmatched performance.

iNDIXIUMTM runs on Apple iPhoneTM, Apple iPod TouchTM and Apple iPadTM.

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Use Cases

For: Software as a Service (SaaS) services featuring software in the field of logistics for use in connection with smartphone and Personal Desk Assistant (PDA) devices, in Class 42 (U.S. CLS. 100 and 101).



For more information about iNDIXIUMTM or to obtain a license:

Contact us at info@synergetics.com



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