FORT COLLINS, Colo., Dec. 2, 2020 — The Joint Authorization Board (JAB), consisting of the Chief Information Officers from the Department of Homeland Security, General Services Administration, and Department of Defense, has selected, from the latest round of FedRAMP Connect, Synergetics Inc. of Fort Collins as one of just eight Cloud Service Providers to be reviewed for a Provisional Authority to Operate.

Synergetics and its OpenFLIS™ solution was selected, from the latest round of FedRAMP Connect, over many other Cloud Service Providers because of the high level of demand for the OpenFLIS™ solution and the overall quality of the company’s business case.

OpenFLIS™ is an easily customizable, cloud-based data collation, retrieval, and dissemination platform that will be beneficial to the Department of Defense, across every branch of the United States Armed Forces, and civilian Agencies. The platform is a modular, unifying, secure, multi-device platform that complements Synergetics’ well-established IMD product, which is already used by more than 300,000 mission critical users in thousands of essential systems around the world.

OpenFLIS™ is poised to become the modernized backbone through which billions of Federal supply chain procurement dollars will flow annually.