Section 508 Statement

Synergetics software products, Integrated Mobile Database (IMD) and OpenFLIS are and will continue to be Section 508 compliant.

Synergetics Incorporated (Synergetics) shall comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, per the 1998 Amendments, and the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board’s Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) Accessibility Standards at 36 CFR 1194.

Synergetics knows that the following standards have been determined to be applicable to this Section 508 Statement.

  • 1194.21 – Software applications and operating systems
  • 1194.22 – Web-based intranet and internet information and applications

Synergetics is an Information Technology (IT) service provider. Synergetics offers Enterprise Integration services, known as EIT products that fully comply with Section 508. Synergetics is familiar with the Enterprise Integration (EI) Toolkit. We have used its roadmap and checklists to guarantee that the solution we provide, with its component architecture and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products, is compliant. We are also compliant with the various Department of Defense (DoD) requirements and therefore we are compliant with Section 508.

Synergetics also utilizes COTS products. Synergetics ensures that all COTS products are fully compliant with Section 508. If a product is not fully compliant, Synergetics follows the same procedure that it does for EIT products, as defined below.

Section 508 compliance is designed into all developed software interfaces and is not refactored after code completion. Each piece of interface software is verified electronically and also by using a manual checklist for Section 508 compliance at every major and minor version update. Current in-use COTS software platforms include:

  • JAWS – A screen text and callout reader to an audio speaker (
  • ACC Verify – A link and functional flow test (

Checklist items are as follows:

  1. Input controls
  2. Navigation and Links
  3. Display Text and Instructions
  4. Graphics and Color
  5. Page Layout
  6. System Feedback and Error Handling
  7. Dynamic Screen Changes
  8. Menu Bars
  9. Printing

Synergetics does ensure that all EIT products are fully compliant. If we should utilize EIT products that are less than fully compliant, they would be offered pursuant to extensive market research, which ensures that they are the most compliant products available to satisfy the solicitation’s requirements.

Synergetics understands that if any such EIT product or service proposed is not fully compliant with all of the standards, Synergetics shall specify each specific standard that is not met; provide a detailed description as to how the EIT product does not comply with the identified standard(s); and shall also indicate the degree of compliance.